Knuckle-busting Paganini
Paganini Caprice No. 13, aka "Devil's Laughter"

Hi Friend!

One silver lining of this seemingly never-ending pandemic is that I have time to practice for practice’s sake. Usually I’m practicing in “putting out fire mode” aka, I have a concert and I just need to NOT FALL ON MY FACE.

Normally I wouldn’t have time (nor the inclination) to practice Paganini’s knuckle-busting Caprices for solo violin. But right now, I’m practicing these challenging little pieces to keep my chops up, so that one day, when I can play for you live and in person again, I won’t FALL ON MY FACE.

This is Paganini’s Caprice No. 13, nicknamed “Devils’ Laughter,” which is what I hear when I’m cursing up a storm and trying to keep my fingers from bleeding, jk :). 

Thank you for listening! 

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