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Have you long had a desire to write…but don’t know how or where to start?

Or maybe you’ve been writing for a while…but every time you sit down to write, the voice in your head says, “Who do you think you are – you’re not a writer” and makes you question everything?

Never mind that voice!

Because you are a writer! 

If you think, you’re a writer. If you talk, you’re a writer. If you dream, you’re a writer. You tell stories all the time. And writing is just putting your thoughts on a page. 

Sounds simple, but it’s surprisingly hard, isn’t it?

This is because we think writers are these magical creatures who sit in their candle-lit attics and blissfully spinning out perfectly crafted sentences in one go. But that’s not what it’s really like. 

It’s a lot of messiness and confusion, and so sometimes, you might just need someone to help guide you.

I know how it feels to be lost...

Because not so long ago, I was in exactly the same boat

For a long time, I heard this little voice inside of me, telling me to write. After a while, that little voice got so loud I couldn’t ignore it anymore. So, I started writing by myself.

And since I’ve been playing the violin since I was five years old, I thought I knew how to practice. I locked myself in a room and wrote for 5-6 hours a day. I figured, 10,000 hours = mastery, right?

Turns out, yes and no.

Writing in a dark room all by yourself for a bazillion hours might work for some people, but it can also get a little grim. We all need support, structure, and community.

When I burned myself out, I started looking for teachers and classes. Eventually, I ended up in an MFA program where I had the time of my life, learning how to be curious rather than judgmental and also gathering lots of skills that taught me how to be a better reader, writer, and supporter of other people’s work – all things that I can deliver to you, to help you become a happier and healthier writer.

Working together...

Here's what you can expect from me

I help writers stay productive and on task with a gentle, nurturing process that will get you writing, no matter where you are in your journey.

I work with beginner writers and published authors, providing support and feedback that’s tailor-made for you and your specific needs. From my decades of experience as a Juilliard-trained classical violinist, I’ve learned the value of deliberate and specific exercises that develop your skills and mastery through regular practice. 

Here’s how I work:

  • First, we’ll start with an INITIAL CONSULTATION where you’ll tell me about your goals and dreams for your writing. It doesn’t matter if you only have an idea for a project or if you’ve written hundreds of pages, we’ll work together to create a pathway forward to develop your writing.
  • Then we’ll make a CREATIVITY PLAN to jumpstart your writing. This can include prompts that will get you writing quickly and with more enjoyment, accountability and deadlines, as well as revision, editing, and manuscript critique, where I’ll offer you constructive, focused feedback to help you develop your project and make it even more awesome than it already is. 
  • Finally, we’ll work together to CUSTOM-DESIGN LESSONS and a schedule that will work for you and your particular needs and lifestyle.  
My promise to you

Have you had frustrating learning experiences in the past?

I’ve worked with some great writing teachers over the years – but also some who were really vague and unclear about what to do and how to do it.

That taught me how important it is to provide practical guidance with clear instructions for how to build your writing practice and make it sustainable. So don’t worry – I’ll give you lots of specific advice on how to improve your writing and take more creative risks. So that after our work together, you’ll feel more confident about your skills.  And most importantly, you’ll have more fun in your writing too.


What if I’m a beginner and I’ve never (or barely ever) done any creative writing?

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here! Being a beginner is a gift and with “beginner’s mind” you might actually have a bit of an advantage. Writing can be something you do just for you, for your own enjoyment. I love working with beginners and, in fact, I regularly lead group workshops with writers at all levels. The fun, playful prompts I use work well for everyone, no matter where you are in your journey.

I really want to write but it’s so hard to find the time.

Yes, you are not alone! I also struggle with this and most writers do, too. We’ll create a plan to keep you writing with assignments and mini-deadlines plus the accountability of regular lessons that’ll be your sacred writing time. Even if you don’t write at all in between lessons, you can count on them as designated writing time with me. 

I’ve been stuck on a project for a while and I’m feeling totally burned out and just want to give up. can you help me?

Oh, I hear you and I’ve been there! When we’re stuck, sometimes the best thing we can do is to stop trying so hard. I’ll find cool things for you to read and model and that’ll give you a boost of inspiration. Sometimes all we need is to see what someone else has written and mimic it, to give us permission to try something new. Together, we’ll analyze writing we love, figure out how they did it, and learn how we can do it, too. 

I don’t have any trouble starting pieces but I never seem to finish them. Can you help me figure out when a piece of writing is done?

Yes, absolutely. It’s tough to maintain perspective on ourselves and our writing. This is why a teacher can be super helpful. I’ll bring a zoomed out view of your work and through the gentle but thorough techniques I’ve learned from my MFA and other mentors, I’ll provide rigorous but compassionate critique to help you get your writing across the finish line.

I got you

You don't have to do this alone!

I’ll help you so you don’t have to struggle alone in your writing practice or wait another day to get started on your writing journey.

Through gentle accountability and regular connection with me, you’ll gain more confidence and enjoyment in your writing. No matter where you are on the path, I’ll help you have more fun, develop more ease in your practice, and realize your writing goals.

To get started, fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

I can’t wait to talk to you!

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