IIRY Podcast: 36. Jennifer Fawcett. “Perfect isn’t interesting.”
On Imposter Syndrome and why we should "keep going and do it anyway."

Do you struggle with Imposter Syndrome?

Today, we revisit a chat from 2019 with my friend, playwright and fiction writer, Jennifer Fawcett, where we talk about: how do we give ourselves “permission”?; the importance of making your own “stuff”; struggling with “who cares” and Imposter Syndrome; how powerful and necessary it is to tell our own stories; if girls face more challenges towards self-actualization; how to keep making things even if we feel inadequate; how writing her own material helped her overcome messages that she wasn’t good enough; bullying as a “magnet” topic; depression and and the perspective making power of storytelling; narcissism and social media; teaching writing workshops in Tanzania and Rwanda; motherhood and its impact on creative work and process; how storytelling creates awareness of interconnection across cultures, languages, and experiences; why perfect isn’t interesting; why we should “keep going and do it anyway.”

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Learn more about the stuff we talk about in this episode:

Jennifer Fawcett

Jennifer teaches at Skidmore College and her first novel, The Octagon House, will be published by Atria, an imprint of Simon and Schuster. 

Working Group Theatre, the theatre group that Jenn co-founded.

Imposter Syndrome

The International Theatre Project, the organization that allowed Jenn to travel to Tanzania and Rwanda to teach storytelling and theatre to young students.  

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