IIRY Podcast: 22. Dr. Nadine Kelly: “I am an eclectic, nerdy black woman who is a late bloomer.”
A chat with Dr. Nadine Kelly, retired pathologist and yoga instructor about leaving medicine to follow her happiness and why we need to be nicer to ourselves.

In this conversation with retired pathologist and yoga instructor, Dr. Nadine Kelly, we discuss how she decided to pivot from her career as a physician to becoming a yoga instructor who specializes in helping mature women; why it’s important to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable; and why we need to be brave enough to be nice to ourselves.

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Dr. Nadine Kelly

1:44 – Growing up the daughter of Haitian immigrants, Nadine’s journey to becoming a pathologist and how she decided to leave medicine after being diagnosed with depression and how this led to her second career as YOGI MD, a yoga instructor for mature women.

9:38 – How the pandemic has changed Nadine’s business and empowered her mature women to embrace technology.

13:19 – How yoga is a “whole practice” that allows us to let go of judgement and practice self-compassion.

15:56 – How Nadine’s taekwondo and yoga practices complement each other.

22:00 – How Nadine applied to Seth Godin’s Podcast Fellowship, despite her reservations. What podcasting has done for her platform for education and business. How her podcast prompts a broader view of what individual wellness means, beyond our dress size.

27:51 – The importance of listening to our bodies not just when we are in pain. How we treat ourselves and what we think we “deserve” impacts our lives. “It’s up to us to choose us and it’s up to you to decide what you need.”

32:08 – The benefits of yoga in treating chronic illness. “Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

33:36 – How Nadine overcomes her creative blocks and cultivates creative courage.

40:59 – Why it’s okay to slow down and find balance in the pandemic.

45:19 – Nadine shares some simple approaches to proper posture and breathing.

50:27 – Nadine’s advice to her younger self: “Be nicer to yourself. It’s so simple but requires so much bravery.”



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