IIRY Podcast: 21. Shannon Wilkinson: “You are valuable because you exist.”
A chat with life coach, Shannon Wilkinson, about when perfectionism becomes toxic; why "taking a breath" improves our ability to problem-solve; and why cultivating your creative courage may be the best thing you can do for your career right now.

In this conversation with life coach, Shannon Wilkinson, we discuss how we turn to perfectionism to protect ourselves and “stay in the tribe”; how perfectionists may be struggling acutely with the uncertainty of the pandemic; why “taking a breath” and making things “ridiculously easy” is crucial to opening up our ability to problem-solve; and why “play” and cultivating hobbies helps us open up to new possibilities and options.

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Shannon Wilkinson

1:41 – Shannon’s circuitous path to becoming a life coach before life coaching was “a thing.” How Shannon always knew she wanted to be her own boss.

5:35 – Social entrepreneurs and why Shannon likes to work with people who dedicate their lives to making their part of the world a better place: parents, teachers, artists, employees.

7:52 – How Shannon transformed from someone who was “allergic to exercise” to climbing 12,000 foot mountains and running marathons…in her 40’s! How coaching and community support can help us transform and evolve.

13:35 – Identity and how we label ourselves.

16:38 – Shannon’s podcast “Getting To Good Enough” about letting go of perfectionism. What is perfectionism and why do we turn to it as a coping mechanism. How perfectionism keeps us from living our lives fully and can keep us stuck. The importance of “play” and hobbies and how Shannon quit so many hobbies because of her perfectionism.

23:22 – When does perfectionism become toxic? What are the early indicators that perfectionism is starting to get in your way?

28:55 – Why calming down our nervous system and “taking a breath” is so crucial to opening up our awareness and improves our ability to problem-solve and think creatively as well as see new options.

33:57 – How taking one simple breath is enough to calm ourselves down. Finding the smallest door in and making things “ridiculously easy.”

37:00 – How Shannon and I met taking the DaVinci Cartooning class and the importance of “play” and cultivating hobbies.

41:30 – Shannon shares the unexpectedly useful lessons and tools she’s gained in the aftermath of head injury.

44:00 – We talk about the toxic “motivational” pressure people are feeling in quarantine and how it’s okay that we’re struggling with productivity. “If you get out of bed most days, you’re winning (quarantine).”

46:16 – Why Shannon would tell her younger self that “it’s all going to be okay. It’s all going to work out in ways that you can’t even imagine.”

48″06 – “I’m looking to help people that want to have that life that they’re maybe even too afraid to dream of.”

48:27 – BONUS: How can producing your own podcast help you in your self-development? PLUS: duck quack bloopers!





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