The “Is it Recess Yet?” Podcast!

Hi all!

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything here but I’m excited to be back to share my adventures. One of the latest is the launch of my new podcast, “Is it Recess Yet? Confessions of a Former Child Prodigy”. (Sound familiar?? :). The podcast came about after I was accepted into the inaugural class of Seth Godin and Alexander di Palma’s amazing course, The Podcast Fellowship. I learned so much about podcasting but more importantly, have found a cohort that is unbelievably supportive of each other and our collective voices.

And more exciting news! The “Is it Recess Yet?” podcast is now on iTunes and Apple Podcasts!  You can listen to the trailer and current episodes here and please be sure to subscribe! 🙂

Keep and eye (and ear!) out for more episodes and show notes, which I will update and share on this blog.


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