Isang Yun’s “Die Hungrige Katze (The Hungry Cat),” from “Li-na im Garten”
Hello from my Seoul quarantine bunker :)

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Hello from Seoul, where I’m in quarantine before I begin my Fulbright grant residency!

Here’s some music by Isang Yun (1917-1995), the Korean composer whose oeuvre reflects one of his main creative objectives: to blend Korean traditional music and Western avant-garde techniques.

While much of his music is post-tonal and post-serialist, this piece, “Die Hungrige Katze (The Hungry Cat),” from “Li-na im Garten” (1985), is quite traditional and gives the violin plenty of room for songful sound-painting.

Written for his granddaughter, this is one of five short pieces for solo violin that Yun titled after Korean children’s stories.

I hope you enjoy!

Stay safe and healthy…

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