IIRY Podcast: 35. 2020: “What would you tell your younger self?”
An end of year review, with advice to help you on your creative journey in 2021.

Saying “2020 has been a weird year” is an understatement. Nevertheless, I’m really grateful when I look back at the inspiring guests who were generous enough to sit down and chat with me this year. So, I thought, wouldn’t it be great to revisit some of the most popular “Is it Recess Yet?” episodes of 2020?

You know how people say that “you should make the thing that you need”? Well, in a lot of ways, I started this podcast thinking about what little Tricia, specifically teenaged Tricia, might’ve needed way back when, when she was starting out on her creative path. So, the one question I ask all of my guests is “what would you say to your younger self to help them on their journey?” These are some of their answers:

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0:59 – Cellist Laura Usiskin on perfectionism and the ways we compare ourselves to others.

2:41 – Pianist and scholar, Mina Yang, gives some advice on being grateful and why you don’t have to do music professionally to find value in it.

3:43 – Violinist, conductor, and scholar, Sean Wang, talks about the importance of being yourself and finding your unique artistic identity.

6:05 – Sarah Carter is a cellist, medical doctor and a former child prodigy herself. Here, she talks about why there’s always enough time to grow and explore.

7:50 – And finally, violist Celia Hatton, on taking up space, speaking up, and fighting systematic bias and racism. 

Thank you to all of my guests and a special “thank you” to YOU, the “Is it Recess Yet?” community. I’m really grateful to you for listening and I look forward to 2021 with more guests and opportunities for us to grow together.


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