IIRY Podcast: #3 – “Growing Up Prodigies: The Mid-Life Crisis” A Chat with Prof. Jeanne Bamberger

In my interview with Professor Jeanne Bamberger, we discuss her article entitled “Growing Up Prodigies: The Mid-Life Crisis”; her experiences as a former child prodigy and the challenges she faced as she grew into adulthood; formal and figural thinking and how we learn and process music; how chamber music helped her cope with loneliness and isolation; and how parents and teachers can better guide gifted children.

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Learn more about Jeanne Bamberger:

Prof. Jeanne Bamberger researches musical development and learning

Prof. Bamberger studied with Artur Schnabel and Roger Sessions

Prof. Bamberger is a creator of  Tuneblocks, whose mission is to build computer-based and hands-on products that will help you develop your creative intuitions while having fun with music

A list of her recent books: The Mind behind the Musical Ear (Harvard University Press, 1995), Developing Musical Intuitions: A Project-based Introduction to Making and Understanding Music (Oxford University Press, 2000), Discovering the Musical Mind: A view of Creativity as Learning (Oxford University Press, 2013) and The Art of Listening.

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