IIRY Podcast: 17. “Don’t beat yourself up.”
A chat with Alexandra DiPalma, audio producer, editor, consultant and teacher, about pushing past perfection and why we really shouldn't put pressure on ourselves right now.

In my conversation with audio producer, editor, consultant and teacher, Alexandra DiPalma, we discuss how podcasting can help you push past perfectionism and get your voice heard; Alex’s hit podcast, Food 4 Thot, one of the first queer podcasts; and why not putting pressure on ourselves is so important in these times of quarantine and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Alexandra DiPalma 

3:25 – Alex and I talk about coming to terms with competitiveness.

5:45 – Seth Godin and The Podcast Fellowship: how Alex and Seth Godin created this platform to teach people how to start their own podcasts. What you can learn and gain from producing your own podcast.

8:35 – How can podcasting help you push past perfectionism?

10:10 – How Alex began to produce Food 4 Thot and how it was one of the first queer podcasts in the culture.

12:20 – How Alex chooses projects for Domino Sound, her production company.

15:45 – What is the best motivation for personal podcasting?

20:00 – How Alex deals with her productivity (or lack thereof) in the time of COVID-19.

28:45 – Why NOT putting pressure on yourself right now is so important. Prioritizing and protecting our mental health in the time of COVID-19. Morning pages (Julia Cameron).

30:56 – Why teaching is important to Alex and what she learns from teaching.

34:08 -How Alex’s career has surprised her and how not having career expectations has helped her.

35:53 – Why the concept of “passion” puts unnecessary pressure on our careers.

37:30 – Alex’s collaborative relationship with Seth Godin and how they connected and started The Podcast Fellowship.

41:18 – Why we should all listen to The Cheat Code, the latest from Alex’s production company.

42:28 – What Alex would tell her younger self:  pay attention to what interests you and find ways to do more of the things you like to do.

44:30 – Alex’s cat makes an appearance.

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