Cherry Blossoms, oh my!

안녕 친구! Hi Friend!


Cherry blossom season in Korea is freaking out of control beautiful. Nothing I’ve ever seen in America quite prepared me for this literally breathtaking display of shameless gorgeousness. I mean, I was literally walking around, gasping and shrieking out loud like a Kpop fangirl.

No filter

I hate when people use “literally” incorrectly. But this time, it’s accurate.

Photos don’t do them justice, truly, but I feel compelled to share this glory with you, nevertheless.

I just can’t take it. I mean, would you just LOOK at this ridiculous, magical canopy:

Cherry blossom canopy. Ridiculous.

In the sun…

In the rain…

Blushing bashful and and full blatant pink:

Even when they’ve nearly all fallen down, they create this lusciously romantic PINK CARPET:

cherry blossoms + cobblestones = I don’t know how you get much more romantic than THAT.

I now understand why cherry blossoms are the very symbol of first love in Kdramas, when your heart’s bursting all over the place from the joy (see: GOBLIN. I mean, it. GO. SEE. GOBLIN. It’s on Netflix. You won’t regret it. After that, you will also see–and understand–my undying love for the wonder that is GONG YOO. Ugh, my heart.)

(Another aside about Goblin: one of the recent highlights of my life was when, on a Zoom talk, the brilliant writer Matthew Salesses started talking about Kdramas. He was talking about the craft of Korean storytelling and how it might take 16 episodes for one tiny thing to change in the story of a person who’s been alive for one thousand years and I KNEW Salesses was talking about Goblin and then when someone asked him to recommend a Kdrama for those who’d never seen one yet and then…drumroll…when he said, “GOBLIN.” !?!?!?! I mean, it was literally like cherry blossoms bursting all over the place all over again. My heart, my heart.)

(Also, also: go read Matthew’s Salesses’s Craft in the Real World. Seriously. It’s required reading if you’re trying to be a better human.)

And then, while you’re wiping away your tears at the fleetingness of it all (cherry blossom season only lasts like, two weeks, tops, ugh, my heart, again), here come the freaking TULIPS:

Tulips as consolation prize. And I mean, prize.

And did you know that lilacs smell AMAZING, even when you’re wearing a mask???


Anywho, I’m going to go lie down for a while, to rest my poor overwhelmed fangirl heart, as the cherry blossoms are long gone now. I’ve decided to console myself with these pretty cherry blossom stickers. They’re not AT ALL the same but, also, HOW PRETTY ARE THESE STICKERS:

Stickers are way better in Korea, just saying.

Thanks for following me around and indulging my silliness. Stay safe and healthy 🙂

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