Tiny Wins: Developing a Sustainable Writing Practice

“I made a decision long ago that if I want creativity in my life – and I do – then I will have to make space for fear, too.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

How do we develop a writing practice?

How do we face the void of uncertainty that confronts us as we stare into the blank page?

You may think that a writing practice requires tremendous blocks of time. But what if we can move forward, monitoring consistency rather than volume to track our progress?

What if “tiny wins” on a regular basis is what gets us to the top of the mountain?


What you’ll get out of this workshop:

In this generative workshop, we will take an oblique approach to our writing, moving in from a sideways trajectory.

Together, we will:

  • Generate new writing through exercises and assignments.
  • Prioritize playfulness over word count.
  • Stay open to surprise, through writing games and prompts that direct our writing in unexpected ways.
  • Provide feedback on writing you will produce in class.


What are people saying?

[su_quote style=”default” cite=”” url=”” class=””]Normally I might worry about not having enough time to take the class and be fully present, but during quarantine it’s been both possible and perfect. As a result of taking this class, I found inspiration to generate content even if there’s no deadline or project, and I started writing by hand again almost every day. What I liked most were the creative writing prompts and having a writing community. I also enjoyed sharing vulnerable moments with others; reading/interpreting writing together; and becoming more expressively courageous. I would absolutely recommend this unique opportunity to take a class that doesn’t feel like a “class” — it is both fun and deeply meaningful.  

~ Rebecca Fischer (violinist and writer)[/su_quote]

[su_quote style=”default” cite=”” url=”” class=””]I loved the generative prompts in the class as well as the company and commentary of my classmates, the reading assignments and the class itself. The class also was gentle and non-judgmental in its approach which was lovely for me, considering my writing practice was quite rusty. Thank you again for your guidance in “creative courage”. (I love that phrase, by the way). This class was really meaningful for me.

~ Audrey Hayes (violinist)[/su_quote]

[su_quote style=”default” cite=”” url=”” class=””]I just participated in this fantastic workshop with the inspiring Tricia Park. I didn’t even know how much I needed that! Even though I write all the time for work, I don’t consider myself a writer – rather I just “talk” on paper and use spell check. So I was a bit nervous about being with other writers. But the fear was unnecessary as it was an incredibly helpful experience. Having time just to put pen to paper in clearly directed, simple writing exercises directed by Tricia opened up a whole lotta healing expression from myself to myself. I highly recommend you give this gift to yourself and check out her next workshop. Thank you, Tricia.

~Dana Fonteneau (consultant, author, speaker)[/su_quote]


When we’ll meet

Session #1:

Sunday, May 24 at 3pm-4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Session #2:

Sunday, May 31 at 3pm-4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Session #3:

Sunday, June 7 at 3pm-4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Session #4:

Sunday, June 14 at 3pm-4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Session #5:

Sunday, June 21 at 3pm-4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)


How to sign up

The course is being offered at $100 (that’s just $20 per class).

Reserve your spot using the form below!