The Time I Wrote a Bunch of Poems – [DAY 6] Aubade

Today’s prompt “springs from the form known as the aubade. These are morning poems, about dawn and daybreak. Many aubades take the form of lovers’ morning farewells,..”

So, here’s my attempt.

Dandelions turn to seed and

Enter the air, floating on invisible strands of zip line that carry their featherweight fluff across valleys.

Feverish clouds

Graze your cheeks as we stand here, waiting for something, anything, to happen.

Handmade memories await us if we

Invite them inside, ghosts slipping through the cracks left behind by ticking hands.

Juniper berries smell

Kind to me, like Alsace and summers when the hopeful countryside beckoned.

Let me hold your hand now

Mending our scars that are too thick, it seems, but are they really?

No, I don’t believe it.

Or maybe it’s only that the branches are too thin to hold us.

Peonies nod in the rain

Quietly agreeing, their heads drooping with fuchsia so extravagantly ripe that I start to blush

Remembering it all.

Someday the horizon will come closer and I will reach out to trace its craggy edge as the sun flicks its


Unless we miss the moment where they kiss.

Very, very, soon

Whispers the sky, waiting alongside us, strange creatures that we are

Expecting…what exactly?

Your fingers feel foreign and I look down to follow the trails under your skin.

A Zephyr appears and

The elastic scent of dirt and grass and worms fills us with

Buoyant promise.


The cerulean stage is alight and quivering with actors from every cosmic corner, performing for us, alone.

Don’t blink. Remember not to blink.


photo credit: Autumn dawn via photopin (license)

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