The Time I Wrote a Bunch of Poems – [DAY 5] Emily Dickinson

Today is Day 5 in the NaPoWriMo 30 Poems in 30 Days Challenge. I’m veering away from my original plan to write poems that start with different letters of the alphabet and decided to try the NaPoWriMo prompt today.

‘Find an Emily Dickinson poem – preferably one you’ve never previously read – and take out all the dashes and line breaks. Make it just one big block of prose. Now, rebreak the lines. Add words where you want. Take out some words. Make your own poem out of it’

Here’s the original poem (gorgeous).

Here’s my take — which is not as far away from the original as I’d like it to be. But if you will indulge me….

Maybe hope is this thing that sits in your heart

Like a Promise with plumes

It croons a chorus without text, waiting

Its notes sound sweetest in the harshest storm

And the blast must be brutal indeed

To shame this little Bird

Whose song brings comfort to so many.


Even in the coldest of lands

And on the remotest waters

Its voice can be heard

Yet even then, stretched to its limits

Never once did it ask anything of me.

photo credit: I’m THINKING? Field of Dandylions via photopin (license)

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